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Top Questions on the Female Weight Loss Training Program

Here are some of the top questions we are regularly asked about the female weight loss training program.

Q) Does weight training make women bulky?

A) While certain types of weight training can make women more bulky, most weight training programs designed for women are targeted to tone and harden. This means increasing lean muscle mass and decreasing fat, not bulking.

Q) I’ve heard that performing the same workout on subsequent days isn’t a good idea, is this true?

A) This will depend on the intensity of the exercise and the length of time between performing the same exercise. It’s good to incorporate cross training in your program, using different muscles in different sessions for optimal results, because this also gives your muscles time to repair between sessions.

Q) When do I need to tailor my weight loss personal training program?

A) It’s crucial to change your weight loss training program when you notice the results have started to plateau.

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