BYOP's Process


Our protein is sourced from grass-fed cows in the US. We work with family-run farms who have passed stringent sustainability and quality checks. The sustainability of the source of our protein is important as we not only have a part to play to preserve our environment, we also strive to deliver consistent quality of protein to you.


We process the when protein by membrane filtration using our state-of-the-art Cold Processed® Technology. This ensures that the whey produced does not go through Heat or PH treatment. Hence, the protein structure is not denatured and retains beneficial peptides such as IgG, Lactoferrin and GMP.

Lab Tests

Once the whey protein powder is ready, we put it through a series of tests for Nutritional Analysis and Microbial Count. These tests for protein and microbe content ensure that you get the protein content we promise. These lab test reports are certified by 3rd parties and published on our website for full transparency.


The raw whey is imported into Singapore under strict AVA guidelines and packaged in our GMP, HACCP, ISO and Halal certified production facility. With a keen attention to detail and the strive for excellence, you can rest assured that we only deliver the best at BYOP. 

BYOP Reviews

BYOP has been extremely effective in helping me both bulk up and then remain shredded with both the Power Whey and Shred Whey which are my favourite! They also taste great so what’s not to like?


Love the fact BYOP has a wide range of supplements that I can take to support my fitness journey. I take their MultiVitamins and occasionally take some Protein to support my imbalanced diet. They all work well and are value-for-money.


Was a supplement skeptic due to the adverse side effects of other brands I’ve tried previously which gave me perpetual acne. Was recommended by a friend to try BYOP’s Prime Whey and have been taking it ever since. Great results and no negative side-effects!



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