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Protein Powders for women?

In this era where skinny ladies are popularised and runway models are prized for their thigh gaps, it is common to see ladies shun the idea of taking protein powder. Most of this is based on the belief that protein “makes you bulky” and “look like a bodybuilder”. Well, we are here today to disprove that, and convince you of the numerous benefits that whey protein supplementation can bring you, from smooth silky skin to fat loss.

Busting the myth

Whey protein supplementation definitely does not make you bulky like a bodybuilder. To gain that amount of crazy muscle mass, you will need a key ingredient – the hormone known as Testosterone. Females simply lack this hormone in any significant amount, as it gets converted into oestrogen in girls.

That is also why many guys pre-puberty are seen trying to gain muscle mass and hitting the gym 5-6 times a week, spamming chicken breast and steak, but they still look scrawny. But once they hit 21 years old, they swell up and inflate with muscle. This can be explained by the fact that puberty gives them a surge of testosterone, which significantly decides the amount of muscle mass one can gain and carry.

Then what about female bodybuilders? Did protein supplementation make them so jacked? Well, no! Most female bodybuilders at the professional level use…erm….Performance Enhancing substances (cough cough). Which is basically…..testosterone. So if you want a good gauge of how your body looks like when you start taking protein, look at figure models and sports models instead. Like the one if the picture below. Weight training and protein use makes a world of difference 😉

In addition, girls and guys have muscle and fat deposition in very different areas. Guys tend to accumulate muscle mass around the neck, back, chest and arms. As for girls, they tend to accumulate muscle and fat mass around the butt, chest and legs. This means that taking protein does not give you smaller breasts and butts, but rather, they make them bigger!

Protein and Well-being

Instead, Whey protein supplementation has been linked to a myriad of benefits, some specific to ladies too!

Firstly, whey protein helps to make your skin silky smooth. This is because smooth skin is often a result of protein factors such as collagen and keratin. Ensuring adequate and quality protein consumption will definitely aid in giving you radiant healthy skin!

Secondly, Whey protein has been shown to lift your mood and combat depression. This is because mood is greatly affected by your hormonal and metabolic changes, and  protein in the body is the source of your hormone production. Research has also shown that increasing muscle mass with adequate protein consumption leads to healthier joints, immune system and nervous systems. Protein shakes are comparable to yoga in a cup!

Thirdly, Whey protein supplementation also helps with your energy levels. Because whey protein is digested very fast in comparison to other protein sources, it can provide an energy boost, making it ideal for breakfast!

Why does protein help burn fat?

Your body requires a negative calorie balance to commence fat loss (that is using fat as a source of fuel). To explain the calories dilemma, lets take a look at this picture below.

So as you observe, calorie balance equates to Calorie in (consumed through food) – Calories out (Expenditure through activity and metabolism). 

However, this is where things get interesting. Most people don’t realise that the calories utilised for metabolism (day to day body functions) can be much more significant that calories lost through exercise alone. To put things into perspective, lets make a comparison ->

Running for 1 hour of cardio burns 390 calories vs Metabolic efforts of body housekeeping a day uses 1000 calories

And it turns out, protein helps to increase this metabolic calorie number through a range of effects, from increasing thermic effect (production of heat during digestion), to increasing protein synthesis and muscle mass which utilises energy.

Furthermore, whey protein consumption promotes satiety (keeps you full), making you less likely to snack and consume foods high in sugar and fats.

Finally, ladies are known to be lacking in their protein consumption in their diets, as well as their low calorie intake. As a result, the body will go into starvation mode and desperately utilise muscle and glucose for energy. This will make you feel lethargic and your liver will start producing even more glucose in a process known as gluconeogenesis. In the long run, this will crash your metabolic rate and when you return to a normal sufficient diet, you are likely to bloat up with excess fat stores as an adaptation. That is why having adequate protein and calories is important for ladies.

Does protein become fat if unused?

The answer is no, but the explanation is a bit more tricky. Without going into the deep depths of biochemistry, protein does not get stored as excess fat, but rather, if unused (either for energy or muscle mass), gets converted to a waste product known as urea and peed out.

But for those who are interested in the biochemistry of it, protein gets digested into amino acids, and gets split into its amino group and its carbon backbone. The amino group gets converted to urea and nitrogen through deamination and the urea cycle. In the process, it releases ATP to be used as energy. The carbon backbone has the option of being turned into either i) carbon dioxide and water ii) glucose iii)acetyl-CoA (irreversible and will be utilised as energy in the TCA cycle) iv)Ketone bodies (to be further broken down into carbon dioxide and water for energy). As such, it is quite clear that protein in excess DOES NOT become fat.

BYOP’s protein perfect for ladies?

Yes, the question we all want answered. And the answer is definitely yes! Unlike ordinary brands which utilise chocolate flavourings that give you acne breakouts, we only use pure unrefined cocoa powder. Our cocoa is sourced locally, and thus contains minerals and vitamins that can in fact help make your skin healthy. Ordinary brands’ chocolate flavours will increase inflammation in the body, due to artificial chemicals and excess SUGAR. This is the reason why chocolate is often associate with acne, which is the result of inflammation in the facial skin. At BYOP, our protein contains ABSOLUTELY NO SUGAR at all, and NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS.

In addition, we only use pure natural stevia extract as a sweetener,meaning our protein contains 0 calories from sugars, all the while retaining its trademark milo-like Cocoa flavour.

Finally, there are unlimited variations in which you can play with when you drink your BYOP Signature Cocoa protein. Because of the simplicity of our flavours, you can customise it in so many different ways. Have it with whipped cream, as a mocha, with milk, with soy, blended with caramel or honey. The combinations are limitless 😉

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