Dollar Whey Club Reviews

I love everything about Dollar Whey Club! The convenience of having protein shipped to me every month without lifting a finger? And the money I am saving on a monthly basis. I am saving more than $10 a month! Have been a customer of BYOP for nearly 2 years now and am so happy they launched this monthly subscription. Thanks guys!


Amazing service and thank you for sending me my protein on time every single month. I don’t need to order my supplements from you guys every month any more which is super convenient and saves me some time. Also, the great pricing doesn’t hurt. I was paying $54.90 every month for my Shred Whey previously but am now only paying $39.


Was a supplement skeptic due to the adverse side effects of other brands I’ve tried previously which gave me perpetual acne. Was recommended by a friend to try BYOP’s Prime Whey and have been taking it ever since. Great results and no negative side-effects! And the price is also much lower than other brands. I am paying $1/day or $30/month which is really great value.


Easy to subscribe! Started on a 1 month subscription and after a couple of months, decided to just go to the 6 month subscription because it really helps me save a lot more money. I’m only paying $30 plus a month for what I must say if very good quality protein.


I really like Shred Whey and have been buying it from BYOP for about a year. Now DWC gives a really good deal due to the low prices. Previously, I paid $54.90 for a pack of Shred Whey compared to $39 now. Maybe can do a two-pack subscription?


Was hesitant to start a protein subscription initially but knowing that it gives me a month’s serving of protein actually kinda forced me to workout more often. Definitely made me more hardworking and helps me workout more somehow!

Hao Wei

Really good value and I recommend this to anyone who consistently takes protein. It is a really good price and the quality of the protein is very very good. I must say the option to pause the subscription also comes in handy when I’m on my off-season and not training as often.


5 stars easily. $1/day for whey protein is a really good price – you can’t find this price anywhere else. Also, you can’t find Power Whey or Shred Whey anywhere else so the fact that it is so cheap is good. The option to cancel the plan anytime is also a good back-up option.


I love this, thank you DollarWheyClub! You make it so easy and I don’t need to keep looking out for discount codes because the price makes this like a permanent discount! I like the personal touches that come in the box every month as well and feels good to be part of a community.



Choose from our range of award-winning Whey Proteins!

Start your subscription today from as low as $1/day! Boxes are shipped on the 5th of every month. If you subscribe this month, you will get the box shipping on the 5th of the following month. Renewals occur on the anniversary of your 1st subscription at 12:00AM Singapore Timezone.

Prime Whey From only $1 / DAY


– Natural premium whey protein

– For anyone and everyone!

– Basic but effective

– Suitable for those looking to hit their daily protein goals or new to protein

Power Whey From only $1.20 / DAY


– For those looking to increase strength and power

– Additional BCAA + Creatine

– Suitable for bodybuilders / those looking to pack some muscle

Recovery Whey From only $1.20 / Day


– Recovery boosting functional whey protein blend

– Contains Glucosamine, ALCAR and Curcumin

– For those looking for quicker recovery times

Shred Whey From only $1.30 / Day


– For those looking for that all-year summer bod

– Additional CLA + ALCAR for fat burning

– Suitable for those looking to lose weight or shred excess fat



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