What is BYOP?

BYOP was founded in Singapore back in 2015. We are Singapore’s #1 Functional Sports Nutrition Brand. We specialise in functional whey proteins – Prime Whey, Recovery Whey, Power Whey and Shred Whey.

What is Dollar Whey Club?

Dollar Whey Club is an extension of BYOP. It is a club we created to serve 2 main purposes – to make whey protein affordable and convenient. How so? From just $1/day and delivered to your doorstep each month, you have no excuses to not give your body the supplementation it deserves!

When did Dollar Whey Club start?

We started Dollar Whey Club in 2020 in very challenging times amidst the Covid-19 outbreak. But this main our purpose even more meaningful. To be able to provide the BYOP Fam who have stuck with us for the past 5 years affordable and convenient functional supplementation gives us more meaning.


Where are your proteins from?

We source our raw whey protein from Germany. It is top-quality cold-filtered whey protein extracted from cows which are fed only top notch grass and grain. We then manufacture this in our AVA-certified factory in Singapore.

Where is your protein manufactured?

We are a proudly local Singaporean company and all of our products are manufactured here in Singapore for Singaporeans! #supportlocal

What makes your protein better than other brands?

Besides packing a whopping 24g of protein and 6g of BCAA per serving, we only use natural flavourings – hugely beneficial to your body especially if you are consuming it on a consistent basis. Also, at BYOP, we use Cold-Filtered Whey Protein. Cold Filtration Processing of whey helps preserve the full spectrum of peptides present in natural cow’s milk. These include LF, IgG and GMP. In addition, our whey has a higher than perfect (100) biological value of 104, which is how readily the digested protein can be used in protein synthesis.

What is the difference between your different proteins?

All our proteins serve a different function – and is described in its name itself. Prime Whey is an entry-level protein for anyone and everyone to keep their body in its prime. Recovery Whey speeds up your body’s recovery period and improves joint and muscular health. Power Whey gives you more power and strength and is useful for people who would like to build some muscle. Shred Whey helps you to lose fat and lean out, giving you that year-round summer bod!


I placed my order, when will it ship?

Generally, orders placed before 12:00 midnight on the last day of the month will be shipped out on the 5th of the following month. Orders placed between the 1st and 5th of each month will be shipped out the following month.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship to over 150 countries around the world!

How long does it take to receive my package?

Through our delivery partners Ninja Van, you should receive your order between the 6th to 8th each month i.e. 2-3 business days after the 5th.

How do I track my package?

To track your package between the 6th and 8th, simply drop us an email at


Can I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your subscription ANYTIME. Simply login to your account and cancel.

Can I delay my subscription?

Yes, of course! Simply drop us an email / contact form before the 1st of the following month to let us know you would like to skip that month’s subscription and we will help to process the request!