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Common Q&A on the Weight and Fat Loss program

Q) Is there a quick way to lose weight?

A) No, unfortunately for healthy weight loss it’s important to have a balanced diet and undertake regular fitness. While many companies promote rapid weight loss, the methods used are often not good for your overall health.

Q) What foods do I need to avoid to become a healthy weight?

A) It’s important to have a balanced diet if you’re wanting to lose weight. Avoid unhealthy foods such as those high in sugar, salt and saturated fats. Limiting your alcohol intake is also important.

Q) How much physical activity do I need to reach a healthy weight?

A) The amount of physical activity you require to reach a healthy weight is dependent on factors such as whether you’re pregnant, as well as your age, sex and any health concerns you might have.

Q) How do I know what is a healthy weight for my body?

A) You can find out what your healthy weight is by analysing your body mass index (BMI) which takes into consideration factors such as sex, height and age.

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