“I’ve been a customer of BYOP since 2016 and they have almost provided me with great tasting products which show results! I especially like their dual-function whey proteins like Power Whey and Shred Whey which help me power through my gym sessions and also lean out for that all-year summer bod! Thanks BYOP!”


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I was recommended BYOP by a girlfriend and have been a customer since due to the great tasting shakes! They also help me get my daily protein intake which I sometimes don’t get 🙁 My favourites are Prime Whey which I take on a daily basis (Love the French Vanilla flavor – highly recommend!!) and Shred Whey. Their other supplements like Omega3 and MultiVitaPlus are also good and value for money.


“BYOP is only flavoured with natural flavouring that helps with building muscles the natural way! It also limits muscle loss and fat gain during periods of excessive calorie intake, which is perfect for anyone wanting to cut and get lean.”


Thank you BYOP! Always delivering to me my supplements so quickly, something I really appreciate. Great variety of supplements, especially for girls like me.