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  1. Interval Training

Interval training is now more commonly referred to as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which involves short bursts of intense exercises alternating with recovery periods.

HIIT workouts last typically 30 minutes, which is good enough to burn loads of calories. Studies have shown HIIT to be more effective at calorie burning than other exercises such as weight training, running and swimming.

HIIT workouts are easy to implement whether you are doing it at a fitness center or at the convenience of your home. Centers like F45 and Ritual in Singapore offer excellent HIIT sessions but at a cost. You may also do your own HIIT workout by altenating between static exercises such as push-ups, burpees and lunges with proportionate amounts of rest in between.

2. Running

Going for a run can clear your mind and help you lose weight at the same time! Harvard Health estimated that an average person burns approximately 372 calories with a 30 minute run at a 9.7km/h speed.

Running is also known to burn visceral fat, more widely known as belly fat. If this is a problem you are facing, you may want to get into the habit of taking a run 3-4 times a week. If running outdoors proves too hard on your joints, try running indoor on a threadmill which provides better cushioning.

Singapore has plenty of great running spots be it in the CBD where you can run to Marina Barrage for a view or one of the many parks in the neighbourhood.

3. Cycling

Both indoor and outdoor cycling has become increasingly popular and trendy in Singapore in recent years.

Indoor cycling can be done at any gym where you can find a stationary bike. Recently, there has been a surge in cycling / spinning studios like Crucycle where you can cycle to the beat of the music and is great to go as a group.

Outdoor cycling remains easy to do in Singapore with the many park connectors linking cycling routes. It makes for a great day out with the family and remember to stop for a break at some of the best hawker fares in the country!

4. Weight Training

While weight training helps to build strength and enhances muscle growth, it can also help to increase your resting metabolism rate (RMR). Numerous studies have shown that your body continues to burn calories hours after your weight training exercise compared to doing aerobic exercises.

Weight training can help you tone and shape your body. However, it may prove to be daunting for those new to weight training and hitting the gym.

If you visit a gym like Fitness First, you may request for a personal trainer to guide you as you start your weight training journey. If you workout at a personal gym or an ActiveSG gym and would like the help of a freelance personal trainer, you may visit MyFitnessComrade ( who matches you to a personal trainer based on your budget and location for free. Trainer fees are also relatively lower and start from just $25/h.

5. Boxing

The various forms of martials arts have been relatively popular in Singapore over the years but boxing has become slightly more mainstream recently (perhaps due to the Lee siblings – Angela and Christian Lee?).

Boxing can help to burn loads of calories – burning about 500-600 calories in an hour. Since boxing involves other elements such as skipping, bag work and bodyweight training, it works both the anaerobic system and the cardiovascular system making it an effective weight loss workout.

Mainstream gyms like Pure Fitness offer 1-to-1 boxing lessons while boutique gyms like CruBox offer group boxing lessons if you need a companion to motivate you for a workout.

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