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How did we start? Where are we headed?


Our certifications and assurance


From RND to production and offices



The core driving principal behind our products.The protein market is saturated with a variety of brands. We seek to differentiate ourselves by introducing unique WHEY + Active Ingredient Blends that are functional outside of the scope of ordinary whey. ​


Cold-filtration Technology provides for a superior Whey Protein (sourced from farms in the USA). Complete peptide profile preserved with 6 g BCAA content per serving. A breakthrough innovation in Nutraceuticals.

Targeted Nutrition

An integrated protein solution crafted for targeted athlete groups. No athlete is the same and we acknowledge that different sports and backgrounds require different approaches to supplementation.​

Community Driven

Our products are formulated with the end goal of meeting the needs of our consumers in the fitness industry. Rather than manufacturing generic blends, we conduct extensive market research before embarking on production. ​



BYOP stands above our competitors by providing protein solutions for the everyday athlete, not just professional bodybuilders. Our blends are crafted with the recreational gym-goer in mind because we believe that protein is for everyone. 


We seek to achieve our mission by incorporating active ingredients in our whey protein blends, a fresh new approach to whey supplementation in the industry. These ingredients are chosen based on the specific goals of the athlete groups we align our blends with. For example, we have incorporated recovery agents such as glucosamine in our Signature Series, which is a series geared towards everyday athletes, a group we identify part time gym goers and weekend warriors with. Our Blends are split into different series, with each series catered specially to a particular purpose or type of athlete. 

A brief history

Our story began in 2014, when we decided to give consumers the right to decide what goes into their protein powder blends. Our target was the “everyday athlete”, a slang for the non-professional athlete or weekend warrior. The needs of everyday athletes differ from that of competitive pros, but they didn’t have access to quality supplements geared towards their unique problems. Fast forward 4 years, we have evolved from customisable protein blends to pre-customized protein solutions . With an AVA certified production facility in Singapore and several front end offices as well as a network of USA suppliers, we have came a long way. We are proud to represent Singapore in this scene and thank each and every customer for your loyalty and support.  

WHAT’s Next?

Debuting June 2018, we are redefining protein with the introduction of 4 new series : Black, Signature, Power and Diet. Each will have their own unique purposes for different athletes. Further down the road, we seek to add value to an even wider range of sports enthusiasts, with another 6 new series in the RND process. The future of protein is in motion, and it is here at BYOP. 




Research (UNSW)


Our RND facility in Sydney, NSW works with state Universities and combines state of the art pharmaceutical grade research tools with innovation and practicality.


Our head office at Oxley BizHub which also doubles as our secondary storage facility and our front end Ops point.


We also engage in contract manufacturing for regional SEA brands and companies. Our B2B office at the Promenade in Kovan houses our B2B team.


AVA, GMP certified production facility at Ubi Avenue 2.