About Us

BYOP is Singapore’s #1 Functional Sports Nutrition Provider. BYOP specialises in functional supplementation leading to the creation of 5 specialty series – Prime, Recovery, Power, Shred and Silver.


To deliver supplementation solutions to any and every athlete


To be the #1 Sports Nutrition provider in the region

BYOP’S 3 Pillars


BYOP’s Manufacturing

Before a single machine is turned on at our manufacturing facilities, BYOP procurement specialists carefully select the most premium raw materials. We inspect every raw material’s Certificate of Analysis, which is then tested and retested for compliance at an independent lab. We also inspect our facility daily to maintain standards required of an ISO22000 approved facility.

Where You Can Find Us

Our products are currently only found in Singapore. We intend to expand into the South-East Asian region soon!

We are a fully e-commerce store at the moment with no retail store. We ship out from a centralised warehouse and that allows us to lower our cost and pass these cost savings on to you!

BYOP Reviews

BYOP has been extremely effective in helping me both bulk up and then remain shredded with both the Power Whey and Shred Whey which are my favourite! They also taste great so what’s not to like?


Love the fact BYOP has a wide range of supplements that I can take to support my fitness journey. I take their MultiVitamins and occasionally take some Protein to support my imbalanced diet. They all work well and are value-for-money.


Was a supplement skeptic due to the adverse side effects of other brands I’ve tried previously which gave me perpetual acne. Was recommended by a friend to try BYOP’s Prime Whey and have been taking it ever since. Great results and no negative side-effects!



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